In our part of America, you never know what you're going to wake up to find. One family in Montana discovered an elk eating breakfast on their neighbor's roof.

According to the YouTube share, this is the sight a family saw one morning in Gardiner, Montana.

Here's part of what the wife had to say about what they saw:

When my husband opened the blinds to see how much snow fell during the night and he noticed a movement on the roof behind us. At first, it was something beige moving back and forth. Within a few minutes, a mighty elk came into view. This couldn’t be true! A huge elk standing on our neighbor's roof! What a sight!

Something big and beige in that part of Montana is almost always an elk or huge deer. Down to Earth Homesteaders documents several times when elk meeting humans does not end well. They mention spring and fall as the most dangerous times to run into an elk including spring when cows have calves and fall when the bull elk are rutting. There's no mention on what to do when you find one on a roof. Hmm.

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