There was a time when we argued that Bigfoot was one of the greatest social distancers of all time. He's been seen hundreds of times but nobody has come close enough to interact with him or get a decent picture. That is, unless you believe the guy who claims to have a Sasquatch body in his freezer. Otherwise Bigfoot is elusive and only seen in small video clips and grainy pictures. That might be changing though as humans are being ordered to stay at home, more sightings of Bigfoot are popping up.

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina. Specifically in a small town called Littleton, and they are no strangers to the big furry beast. Four sightings have been reported in the town recently and in 2016 their sightings were the focus of a news report. There might be more sightings in Littleton because it is home to the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum which features the big elusive monster. Some in Littleton think the increased Bigfoot sightings are due to development forcing the creature out. I have a different idea.

Bigfoot knows we are staying indoors more now so he's using this time to venture out into this crazy big world. It's actually a good idea, if people would just stay indoors he'd have free reign of the streets.

We've had our share of Bigfoot sightings and encounters here in Idaho and surrounding states. Maybe we'll see more, from our living room windows, as we stay at home more too. He's got until at least the end of April, for now, to go on adventures with minimal human interaction.

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