Ok this may seem a little strange, but it is time to start really considering how to perfect the lifestyle of social distancing. Social distancing is essentially staying away from people so you don't get sick. These champions are going to be hard to beat.

Quite possibly the absolute king (or queen) of social distancing is Big Foot. That creature can be spotted but only from a long distance with a blurry camera. Do you know how hard it would be for Big Foot to catch the Coronavirus? Probably pretty difficult

Social Distance Level: 8

Next up for the championship we have the Loch Ness Monster. This creature is so good at social distancing, it appears only to be seen in photo shop. I have to say it has the advantage over Big Foot because it is surrounded by water and a random hunter isn't likely going to just stumble across it.

Social Distancing Level: 9

Aliens are next up on the leader board. They have quite possibly been among us for centuries without us knowing. They can go anywhere in the cosmos to stay away from people. The only problem I have is that the proof of their existence is by....touching....humans...

Social Distancing Level 9.8

Finally, we have the Bear Lake Monster. There hasn't been much recollection of this monster, but it kind of has the best of all worlds. It could have been among us for years, it has the shelter of water and can hide in the wilderness between Utah and Idaho.

Social Distancing Level: Perfect 10

You may not be able to beat these champions, but you can wash your hands, don't panic and stop buying all the toilet paper.

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