Sure, we are still in a pandemic but Thanksgiving is this week so there will be more drivers on the roads. Some travelling long distances to visit families and others running to the store for forgotten food items. No matter the reason you hit the road this week, make sure you drive safe and travel safe. That means you focus on driving and eliminate distractions, so you aren't a hazard to others on the road. It also means you do what you can to be safe in circumstances that are out of your control. Your seat belt is one of the easiest things you can use to protect yourself in the event of an accident. For most of us it is almost instinctive to buckle up as soon as you get in the car, but there are times we forget.

The ISP is using extra patrols through the end of the month to help enforce and educate drivers about seat belt use. During the holidays there are many distracted drivers, focused on getting to their destination or distracted by kids in the car or driving conditions outside the vehicle. There is a lot that can go wrong in a car if you aren't paying attention. The Idaho Office of Highway Safety released the following information in an email about seat belt usage in Idaho:

As of Nov 17, 2020, there have been at least 131* motor vehicle fatalities in Idaho; 88 of those killed were not wearing seat belts.
In 2019, 44% of the fatal crashes in Idaho were single vehicles that ran off the road; 72% of those killed in these vehicles were not wearing seat belts.

Twin Falls officers have also been cracking down on holiday speeding, so slow down and obey the posted limit signs. Buckle up Idaho, drive safe, and have a happy, safe holiday season.

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