With the 2010s almost over, we’re looking back at the decade and wondering how these bands didn’t blow up bigger. Having released nothing but quality material for nearly 10 years, these bands are, by our estimation, severely underrated.

We’ve been huge fans of Dead Sara since their self-titled album came out in 2012. Launched by the powerhouse single “Weatherman,” which we named the Best Rock Song of 2012, Dead Sara’s career seemed to be primed for big things. Though they’ve appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Dead Sara have yet to reach their full potential as mainstream interest in rock music dwindles.

The 2010s has been a killer decade for experimental metal, so if the weird and wonderful is your favorite stuff, Oranssi Pazuzu is essential listening. Having dropped three albums in the 2010s, Oranssi continue to challenge lifelong metalheads with an avant-garde blend of black metal, noise and psychedelic music.

Why more people haven’t jumped on the Royal Thunder train is a mystery to us. Starting as more of a stoner metal band with CVI, the Georgia natives developed into more of a soulful classic rock-inspired act as frontwoman Mlny Parsonz morphed into an underground Janis Joplin. Crooked Doors and WICK contain some of the most heart-wrenching songs of the 21st century, so don’t listen to tracks like “The Bear” or “The Well” without some tissues handy.

Check out our picks for the 10 Most Underrated Bands of the 2010s in the Loud List above.

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