Ritter Island

This might be the loveliest walk in Southern Idaho.  An old college buddy used to talk about the need for an “attitude adjustment”.  Usually during some stressful times when he was studying to be an accountant.  I’m not aware he has ever made it west of the Mississippi River but he, I’m sure, would find a tonic at Ritter Island.

The last 12 weeks have been quite intense.  For some of us who talk about current events because it’s part of the job, there has been nothing like the last 3 months in my previous work experience.  I’ve got a lot of backed up personal time!  It’s why I took part of this week and decided to get away from the studio. 

I was among a few early birds and walked from the bridge to the falls.

Early Thursday morning I made the drive to Ritter Island State Park.  I was among a few early birds and walked from the bridge to the falls.  This included a stop at the old dairy barn where I made a monetary contribution and signed the guest book (the first person in several days to sign).

The walk through a wooded canopy before reaching the falls was pure joy.  Because it was unexpected and you don’t know what’s around the bend.  Then suddenly you’re face-to-face with water tumbling from inside the canyon.  I sat, alone, for several minutes and looked and listened.  In those moments I wondered why it had taken me so long to find the place!  Then a young couple came by and then an older couple.  The younger woman in the group dipped her toes into the cool sparkling water.  I suspect generations have been dipping toes and sharing the same daydream.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere just like this?  Of course, a sunny and warm day enhances the experience.  If I lived closer, I’d be taking a lot of walks along the trail.

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