The Perrine Coulee Falls is a great little hike I had no idea was an option in Twin Falls. I actually thought the people who went to it were breaking the law. I was wrong. There are a few ways you can get to the falls as you drive into the canyon to Centennial Waterfront Park and Canyon Springs Golf Course area.

How To Get To The Perrine Coulee Fall in Twin Falls

One trail is super easy and would be easy for almost anyone to do in less than five minutes by parking at the first curve on Canyon Springs Road. The second easy trail is a bit longer and is much more of a scenic walk that we were able to do with small children in less than half an hour. The third trail may not actually have been a trail, but probably a path carved by water runoff. That being said, it made an easy hike into something more difficult for the bigger kids who needed an adventure and to burn energy.

Perrin Coulee Falls

If a hike isn't on your list, you can still see the waterfall from above at the lookout on the canyon rim. Recently, the Perrine Coulee Falls were in the news a few times as a BASE Jumper took flight from the area and a strange waterfall cloud was formed by strong winds and water from the falls.

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