I hope your summer was full of fun. Whether that fun was staying home and relaxing or heading out into the mountains for some off the grid fun, Idaho has more than enough options for everyone.

Our summer was crazy. We packed in so many weekend activities, day trips, and a few long vacations that when the kids went back to school last week we had to step back and look at how our summer went by so quickly! In looking back at our summer it became very clear that the Nissan Titan Pro 4X from Rob Green Nissan Hyundai was a huge part of all of it. The truck pulled our boat to many water events, we packed it with inflatable kayaks, towed a camper halfway across the state, and I even slept in the bed of the truck once! And the entire time we didn't have any issues with power or storage space...the only issue was a cracked windshield driving back from Shoshone.

Check out the pictures below for my Idaho Summer fun vacations and adventures recap.


Camping and Fishing at Hayspur Hatchery


Boating at the Twin Falls Power Plant


Camping at the Pine Hot Springs


Off Road driving in the South Hills


Using The Titan Bed as a Makeshift Tent

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