Idaho is no stranger to fame, even our potatoes are famous. Many great actors have called Idaho home over the years and a good batch of athletes have walked the fertile soil of the Gem State. Hollywood has recognized the beauty of Idaho a number of times and included the state as the location for movies and television series'. You can even find Idaho in video games if you play the right ones.

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The latest movie to film in Idaho was just released for streaming on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. Titled 'The Last Champion' it takes place in Moscow and stars Cole Hauser. Not to be confused with another Idaho movie 'Breakfast of Champions' which starred Bruce Willis. The Last Champion is about a disgraced Idaho Olympian who returns home after his mother dies. He is met with a less-than warm welcome from his hometown community and an opportunity at redemption.

The film looks like a feel-good redemption movie with a cast of at least a few familiar faces. Cole Hauser has recently been portraying ranch hand Rip Wheeler on the series Yellowstone. Peter Onorati is also in the movie and while you may not recognize the name, you'l recognize his face from dozens of movies and TV shows. You can learn more about the film and its Idaho roots on the official movie Facebook page along with special cast interviews.


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