Anyone who visits the Centennial Waterfront Park in the Snake River Canyon during the late spring and summer knows that it’s a popular place. Parking is almost always an issue, kayaks and boats battle for space on the water, and there are dozens of signs giving out instructions and advising visitors of the laws. Yet, every year we hear the same stories and hear the same warnings about the rules and proper etiquette at the park.

Police Lay Down the Law at this Popular Twin Falls Park

Motorized boats on the water vs non-motorized kayaks and paddleboards is a continuous, and growing issue in the area as the non-motorized options are becoming more popular. With more people heading to Centennial Park, the number of cars needing parking space increases. A few years ago, signs were placed in a section of the park to instruct drivers where they could park based on if they had a trailer or not.

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Despite the numerous signs, people still park their cars in the trailer areas. This issue was recently addressed by the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post. Police have been nice and even a little lenient in previous years, but this year they mean business. There’s a lot in this post, so if you visit the park make sure you read the whole thing.

It seems that some people who disregarded the signs got confrontational with the tow truck drivers sent down to remove their illegally parked vehicles. I can only imagine the looks of surprise by others who went on an adventure and returned to find their car was gone. The county ordinance for parking illegally could end with the removal of the vehicle (at the owner’s expense) and a citation which comes with a $156.50 price tag.

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Law Enforcement also warned visitors to check the weather before they hit the water. Storms can come in quickly and pose a dangerous situation for people on the water if they get stranded during a storm.

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