I don't always notice changes...or even things that haven't changed. Just ask my wife. But, ever since we noticed the hidden Idaho rock at the Twin Falls City Bandshell I feel like there is a lot out there that my eyes have yet to see.

Enter my latest find. We were kayaking at Centennial over Labor Day and I noticed that there is a large gap between the support beams under the bridge. I had always assumed that the spacing was uniform across the entire bridge. Nope.

Why is there a gap? You could fit two of the regular support beams in that space but for some reason that isn't necessary? I can't pretend to know why it's this way - nor do I actually need to know the architectural reasoning since I probably won't understand anyways.

It isn't a big deal and the bridge has been fine for many years without me judging it for looking like a child with missing teeth. But if it bothers you like it does me - I fixed it.