I need to make a promise to my future self that I will never let myself get so bored that I play a video game where I just drive around Twin Falls. That is the point of the American Truck Simulator video game: you just drive around. Also, I'm pretty sure the Back To The Future Delorean shows up at about six and a half minutes in.

Drive Twin Falls Streets In Video Game Simulator

Full disclosure, when this video popped up I thought it was an actual drive through Idaho in a real truck. The graphics are good and I questioned what I was watching a few times - but still not a game I would ever play. The first four minutes are just gratuitous aerial shots to show how cool the graphics are and that Idaho is a pretty place. The real behind-the-wheel action part of the video doesn't start until 4 and a half minutes in. And by 'action' I mean the slow rolling semi moving out of a parking lot and checking both ways before entering an intersection. Then it gets really crazy and he drives behind a Home Depot and the screen goes black...so I assume he took a nap?

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Driving Simulators Are Just As Exciting As Real Life

Stop lights and traffic signals are just as riveting in this game as they are in real life. Over the course of a one-minute segment of the clip, you are sitting at red lights for 45 of those seconds. I don't want to spoil what happens next, but he gets onto the highway and drives just fast enough to get passed by other cars. So, again just like in real life.

Now, if you are still with me on this you definitely don't want to miss the 8-minute mark where it looks like the dude pounded a few energy drinks and the game speed gets turned up to 11. Honestly, I should have led with that since that was the most exciting part. So, yeah just skip ahead 8 minutes when you start watching.

Video Game Simulator Lets You Fly From Salt Lake City To Twin Falls

And, if you like boring video games you can also watch someone simulate a flight from Salt Lake City into Twin Falls.

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