Those crazy kids are at it again. They've taken farming here in Southern Idaho and turned it into a video game.

The game is called Farming Simulator 2015. Like most computer games these days, the game can be modified by the user. YouTuber B-RAD Games and more has created a virtual Southern Idaho. If you look close, you can even see the South Hills in the distance.

Here are some observations about these videos. If B-RAD and his friends were real farmers, we would all starve. In one instance, he or they drive a vehicle to collect the grain in between the plow and the baler. I have to wonder how many trips to the emergency room would result in these guys getting their hands on real farm equipment.

While it's not the most exciting video game footage I've ever seen, kudos to B-RAD and his buddies for at least taking an interest in the noble career of farming. If it takes games like this to keep kids interested in agriculture, bring it on.

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