Today is Flag Day and homes and businesses across the United States are displaying Old Glory with pride. I love driving around Twin Falls and seeing the businesses that fly the flag all year long. A few years ago I actually took an entire afternoon and just drove around getting pictures of the many stars and stripes flying around town. Surprisingly, we just got a call here at the radio station from a woman coming in to town and she was upset that she had only seen 43 flags flying on her way in. Truly that would be sad if that were all the patriotism on display in Twin Falls.

Thanks goodness I know it isn't because I woke my son up early this morning to go out with his scout group to place nearly 50 flags around our neighborhood. KMVT posted a great patriotic video a few days ago that features a young girl singing the National Anthem as video of Idaho landmarks play. It's a beautiful video and worth checking out. I only recognize a few of the locations as being in Idaho but maybe you can see more than I did.

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