Little Debbie posted a graphic on their Twitter page showing different levels of goodness for each of their products. And I get the feeling they did it just to get a rise out of people and cause controversy because there is no way that Star Crunch could be considered bottom tier and even worse is that they put the Oatmeal Creme Pie in the 'Legends' level.

At best the Oatmeal Creme Pies should be in the 'crowdpleasers' level along with Pecan Spinwheels and Zebra Cakes. And what's with Swiss Rolls not being in the legends category? They could be a level above all else in an elite tier! Little Debbie is realizing this error too, due to consumer complaints, and has
started a poll asking if they got that ranking wrong. Of course they did and the poll is showing that. I personally think that if you are only going to include three items in the 'Legends' level, like some sort of cake Trinity, it would be Swiss Rolls, Star Crunch, and Nutty Bars. Am I wrong? Probably not but some people can't eat the Nutty Bars and other people have taste bud issues and think another cake option should be at the top. So, where do your loyalties lie?

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