We have had some good snow over the last week in the Magic Valley. Sure, it kind of got ruined by the rain yesterday but before that did you get to play in the snow? Maybe build a snowman? I planned on doing a snowman with my kids yesterday but by the time school was out it was way too wet to play in.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, did play with the snow. Up in Worley (near Coeur d'Alene) a snowmobile rider came across a bunch of snow rollers. They look like the start to a bunch of snowmen and it is a totally natural weather event. It does take just the right ground slope, snow wetness, and some wind for the snow rollers to form. KHQ has a detailed description of how snow rollers happen. Have you ever come across these in your winter mountain adventures?

If you came across these snow rollers would you start building snowmen out of them? I guarantee I would! All the rolling work is done all you have to do is stack them. Plus could you imagine being the next person to come rolling by and just seeing a bunch of snowmen on a hillside! That would be awesome.

Also this guy in a YouTube video make a really good point that we shouldn't be shoveling our walks when it snows. We should be rolling the snow to clear our paths (when the snow conditions are proper). Brilliant idea!

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