Dole foods has recalled a select number of its bagged salad kits for fear of possible allergens that aren't disclosed on the packaging. The announcement was made January 28.

Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. has voluntarily recalled a single lot of its Endless Summer salad packages due to the possibility of contamination. No illnesses have been reported to date. The recall was announced on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

Some food allergens include dairy, nuts, soy and wheat, and if not disclosed on packaging, these can pose a great health risk for those with food sensitivities. In this particular recall, the possible addition of undeclared egg and fish warranted the decision from Dole. Unknowingly consuming these foods can have life-threatening consequences for those allergic.

This Dole product was distributed to 17 different states in the U.S., including Idaho. The "Best If Used By Date," which can be found in the upper right corner of the bags, is 1-26-21, in this particular recall. The lots codes stamped on the recalled bags are B00912A and B00912B.


Consumers who have purchased this product can return bags to the store in which they were bought for a refund. For questions or concerns, consumers can phone the 800-356-3111 to speak to a company representative 24-hours a day.

Retailers may also contact Dole with inquiries on the matter. Those who opt to not return this product to the store in which it was purchased are being asked to discard the product. The Endless Summer kits with the specific lots codes and purchase dates, is the only Dole product included in this recall.

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