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We are just a few days into the new month and anxious to say goodbye to 2020. December has started off well for Idaho and you can see in the latest Twin Falls videos on YouTube, people are still getting out and enjoying Twin Falls. Below are a few of the latest videos posted from Twin Falls on YouTube.

Fishing is always in season, and as you can see in this first video, Dierkes Lake is still a great place to catch fish. Even if you aren't supposed to fish from the dock - it is one of the best places to toss in a line.

We usually see a lot of drone videos showing us the beauty of Southern Idaho from the skies. So it is almost cool to see this non-drone Video from out at Thousand Springs.

Trucking games are taking over Twin Falls. Some people find joy in pretending to drive the streets of town - which if you've driven around town, a video game version is a lot less stressful.

In most videos where tourists visit Twin Falls, they all seem to say the city is 'underrated' and a 'must-see' place. These people are correct.

This COVID-19 survivor shared his story on YouTube to show how this virus can impact anyone. Remember to take care of yourself and take the pandemic seriously.

What is the Festival of Speed? This video was posted a few days ago and shows a few cars out at the Magic Valley Speedway having a great time on the track. Yet, I didn't see any info on the MV Speedway web page or Facebook about anything recent.

I love it when people come through and see the Shoshone Falls and are completely floored that there is this giant waterfall here. I'm including this video which was recently posted but is clearly from much earlier in the year.

Do you have a YouTube channel and want us to share one of your videos? Send us a link or a comment.

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