UPDATE: Has anyone seen him since this fight? If so, please reach out and let us know. He seemed to have disappeared after this. 

In today's society, most people seem to believe they can get away with saying whatever they want with no consequences. The word "troll" gets thrown around often to describe someone that likes to bully or attack others through the internet. People that wouldn't normally say things to someone's face will hide behind their screen and often make comments they shouldn't and expect there to be no repercussions. What happens when someone stops hiding behind their screen though and decides to put their opinion and thoughts out there for everyone to see? If someone finally dares to speak their mind and show their face, what happens? A local in Twin Falls has raised some controversy by doing this, and a video caught the reaction he received.

'Religion Made Me a Bum' in Twin Falls

Most people in Twin Falls are aware of the man that stands on the corner of Pole Line and Washington, in front of Walgreens with the sign around his neck that reads, "Religion Made Me a Bum." The man has created plenty of controversy over the last few months and multiple stories are circulating about who he is and what his story is. Agree or disagree with his message, one thing that you can't say about him is that he hides behind a screen as many others do in today's world. Far too many people say controversial things, or attack people, politics, or religion and hide from the world, but he stands on the corner and owns his stance. Recently, a video shot by a man named Brenner, showed how sometimes saying these comments publicly can lead to consequences.

Fight on Corner in Twin Falls

Credit: Brenner Gill
Credit: Brenner Gill

After trying to contact all involved, all attempts have been unsuccessful. The context behind the fight above is unknown. Did the sign offend the man, was he just having a bad day, or did an argument lead to the boxing match? It isn't uncommon to find somebody on the corner arguing with the "Religion Made Me a Bum," guy, but usually, fistfights do not occur. While this may discourage people to come out from behind their computers, there is a sense of respect that he stands by his stance and is willing to fight for it. If people are this upset over a sign, then think of how they feel when they receive comments over the internet. It should be a reminder to think of who you are sending things to and how it affects them. For a good time, visit the Magic Valley Rants and Raves page and read the comments for the video. 

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While the reasoning for the fight may never be known, we can all come to our assumptions. These are moments that can happen when people step out of their hiding places and reveal their opinions. Agree or disagree with the man on the corner, but he stands out there often and isn't afraid the even get into a fight if it comes to it. While some won't agree, it is at least respectful that he isn't afraid to put his controversial opinion out there publicly. If the reasoning for the fight is found, then this page will update with information. Be nice, be respectful, and treat others how you want to be treated. You don't have to agree on all things, but respectfully present your sides, and don't duke it out on the corner of a public street. 

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