This video is another example of why I am staying home as much as I can right now. I can't tell from the video how it all starts but it doesn't end well for any of those involved...or their groceries.

I've watched this video, uploaded by Youtuber Fuzzy Lumkin, six times now and from what it looks like, the kid in the black hoodie and blonde girl are upset by something the guy in the mask did. Maybe they don't like that he did a real grocery trip vs their small purchase and giant TP package? At about the 40 second mark you can see them come out the door and then it all goes south quick. They appear to exchange words for a moment and then the girl kicks the grocery cart or maybe the man in the mask. This then leads to the black hoodie guy knocking mask man's TP to the ground. We all know that right now is not a good time to mess with anyone's TP. The blonde girls then goes in to kick the TP package (maybe she's a soccer player and that's why she is kicking so much?) so the mask pushes her out of the way.

This irritates the hoodie guy even more so he goes in with an arm-full of pizza boxes (I think) and chucks them at mask man. This is where it turns into a fist fight as a Walmart employee tries to get them to stop. Someone loses a phone about a minute and a half in. It then appears that the fight is over and back to the mask and blondie yelling at each other.

The video culminates into a sad, yet epic, finale as the hoodie guy goes to gather his belongings and sees an opportunity he can't pass up. He step over to the masked mans' grocery cart and tips the whole thing over into the road.

This video is sad and exciting. I'm a bit upset that I was so drawn in to this video - almost like a movie. That may have been due to the music. I don't want anyone to fight and especially right now we don't need more reasons to be angry or scared.

Whoever the people are in the video, and whatever the cause of the altercation, please check your emotions and not stop acting like crazies. These actions have consequences and could lead to law enforcement involvement.

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