UPDATE - We were just made aware that thought the pond is beautiful and looks like a great place to see, for reasons of great danger it is not allowed to visit. We received an email from Idaho Power with an update and the reason public should stay away.

We recognize this area is beautiful and understand why recreationists would be tempted to enter. However, it is important that you understand that entering this pool is very dangerous because it serves as a spillway for water when the power plant goes offline. When this occurs, the waterfall above the pool will spill large and powerful volumes of water into the pool within seconds of the plant going offline...the waterfall above the plunge pool can resume without warning, and large volumes of water will immediately begin flowing into the pool below creating very dangerous conditions that may result in serious injury.

So, enjoy the photos below but stay away when visiting Ritter Island.

The landscape of Idaho changes constantly with the seasons. And right now at Ritter Island there is a scene that we have never been able to see before.

There is usually a waterfall to the left of the power plant (is that what the building is?) and currently it is just a tiny trickle, but that waterfall has left a beautiful mark in the canyon. We went kayaking over the weekend and the kids went off to adventure and came back so excited at this crystal clear hidden pond they had found.

As you can see in the pictures it truly is an amazing site. Rocks along the small hike to the pond have a purple hue and there are crawdad and snakes along the way. Inside the cool pond there are even dozens of fish. There is a lot of beauty to the Hagerman area and the kids were very excited to see this new site on our latest trip.

Remember when you are adventuring in Ritter Island - do not cross the barbed wire fences or trespass on marked areas.

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