There are a million different ways you could describe Idaho. Idaho is loud, fun, smelly, windy, exciting, beautiful, and even relaxing. When we talk about Idaho we do tend to often focus on the adventure and excitement of our state, but the relaxation and peace you can have here is equally as important.

How Can You Relax in Such an Exciting State Like Idaho?

Since there is so much to do in Idaho, it can be hard to stop and chill. Even in the most exciting places you can find peaceful and beautiful places. Sitting on the bank of a river or lake while boats and kayaks zip past you can be relaxing. Looking at flowers and other natural creations can be extremely relaxing.

Where Was This Relaxing Southern Idaho Video Taken?

The video below was recorded at Ritter Island in Southern Idaho. The area is usually a bustle of activity as it is a hot spot for kayaking and family BBQ gatherings.

The Ritter Island video, shared by Amber T, is less than a minute long yet it really does show how calm and relaxing the great outdoors can be. The nice music added to the clip is a calming addition too. Watching the slowly moving river and beautiful green vegetation with the waterfall in the background was an inviting view for my stuck-at-at-desk Friday afternoon.

Now I'm ready to load up my kayaks and spend some quality time playing and relaxing on the water.

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