I don't condone vandalism - but sometimes it is pretty funny. Like what just happened in Sun Valley on a well known ski run named Arnold's Run. The black diamond run is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger because he frequents the slopes in Sun Valley and has been part of some of their big events, according to TMZ. A few days ago though someone had a little non-ski fun and changed the name of the run to Arnold's Maid. That's funny all by itself because of Arnold's history with the maid...but it is also kind of clever since the slope used to be called the Flying Maid.

In 2001, at the request of Arnold's wife Maria, the Sun Valley slope was renamed to honor the Governator, frequent skier, and Wood River resident. The Idaho Mountain Express states that normally the runs are named after Olympians like Picabo Street or other notable locals.

Arnold is no stranger to the Sun Valley ski resort and broke his leg there back in 2006! TMZ notes that Arnold was in Sun Valley on Monday but the resort had fixed the sign before he got there to see it. But this is the internet and even if the sign is fixed you can still see pictures in the TMZ story.

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