Nobody likes waking up in the mornings to the jarring sound of an alarm beeping at you loudly. Maybe that beeping alarm is the reason you are grumpy in the morning. A study out of Australia says you can at least partially blame your morning grumpies and grogginess on the sound your alarm makes.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) released the results of a study on how your morning wake-up alarm affects your grogginess. They found that melodic alarms, like the music you find on this radio station, could help you wake up more alert than a traditional screeching alarm. They had initially assumed that the sharp sounds of an alarm would jolt us awake and therefore be a better wake-up sound but instead found that the alarms made the participants feel more confused rather than alert.

The results of a poll at YouGov shows that while many people still use a traditional alarm clock to wake them up, the majority of people are using their phones now as their alarm. These phone alarms usually offer more options for sounds to wake-up to. But if you want the best and want to wake up to music, you can do that easily with our free radio station app. It's just three simple steps to waking up more alert.

Set Station Alarms N8
Set Station Alarms N8

Once you've downloaded the app: go into Settings, tap the Alarm Clock line, then press '+' to start adding alarms. Download the app free at the link below.

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