Proving that even a small child can be cooler than most adults, a six year old boy has hiked all nine of Idaho's highest peaks. Obviously he didn't do this impressive undertaking alone, that would be a massive case of child neglect. Young Cody Lloyd was also accompanied by his equally awesome eight year old brother Thijs Lloyd. The hikes are all in excess of 12,000 feet and include the peaks of Mount Borah, Leatherman Peak, Mount Church, and Diamond Peak. Rachel and David, the boys parents, also accompanied them on these adventures.

In an article by Idaho News, the family started with the easiest of the peaks and it all went uphill from there. Idaho Summits is a website that tracks the travelers who make it to the tops of these peaks. They claim that Cody is the youngest person to conquer these nine summits. This is an impressive and inspiring family. While many young kids are at home playing video games, watching screens, or just being lazy at home these boys opened the door to epic adventure and succeeded in completing a task that only 183 people have been able to complete.

These hikes are clearly not for everyone but Idaho is full of other great family friendly hikes. Some are even just a few minutes away from Twin Falls. My personal favorite hike is the Box Canyon trail. This year the trail was shortened with the addition of parking spaces at the entrance of the canyon. Another cool and easy hike is in the South Hills, if you can find it. Ross Falls is a short hike and it is easy enough that most ages should be able to do it.

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