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This is what I saw when I finished shopping at WinCo.  One recent morning.  Somebody decided to practically park on top of my car.  I could have opened my door but would’ve damaged the paint on the SUV to my left had I tried getting in.

A portion of the parking lot was being resurfaced but shortly after 5:00 o’clock on Sunday morning, the place was nearly empty and there were hundreds of parking spaces.  I pulled into a parking space and made sure I wasn’t near anyone else.  When I came out 15 minutes later I found this mess.

I jotted down the license plate and model, then went inside.  A cashier made an announcement.  A few minutes later a woman with one item in her cart showed up and asked what was wrong with her car.  “It’s parked sideways and you’re blocking my door,” I explained.  She acted as if I was the one causing the inconvenience.  Without saying a word, she went out and straightened her car, however.  She didn’t bother to move into a spot closer to the store.

When I thanked her she stalked away as if I wasn’t there.  Did I mention she was a woman?

Did you know that the overwhelming number of citations issued in southern Idaho for driving while talking on cell phones are presented to women?  It shouldn’t surprise me.  I was a teenager before I realized my mother and her friends weren’t born with telephone receivers attached to their ears!  Telephones and yapping are hardwired into their chromosomes.  Men are from Mars and women live in bubbles.

What did the woman at WinCo believe I was going to do?  Sit on my hood in the dark and wait for her?  Another question, does anyone know a woman who can finish her shopping in under an hour?  They stand in the middle of an aisle and stare at shelves and are oblivious to blocking people behind them.

Now before you call me a misogynist, not every woman is incapable of driving, parking, and staying off her telephone while behind the wheel.  I know one.  Just one.

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