If you are a fan of cheesy, sappy, and borderline horrible holiday movies, or you just really like money, you have a chance to combine those two things. In a not actually affiliated with Hallmark, Hallmark movie watching contest, Century Link wants to pay someone to watch movies. They are calling it a Hallmark movie dream job. I'm usually good with watching movies. I'm not really picky, but those Hallmark holiday movies are just too much for me. Century Link has tried to entice people to apply by offering $1,000 and a load of freebies. They will also include a streaming service subscriptions so you can get in the movie watching whenever you want.

What they require of the person they choose is to simply watch 24 Hallmark holiday movies in just 12 days. When you watch the movies you need to go social online and share your thoughts about the movies (no spoilers though). If you like the movie or hate it or thought it was too cheesy or hard to follow, they want you to share your real feelings about what you watch. Check out this list of what you'll be getting yourself into as far as movie selection goes.

To apply for this dream job/nightmare you just need to fill out the online submission form and the wait and hope they pick you. You do need to have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Some fields in the form are required and a few are optional but seem like they would benefit your chances of being chosen. If you could send them a video showing your excitement about this opportunity rather than trying to write your excitement seems like a no-brainer.

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