The 2021 Easter weekend outlook for the Magic Valley is one of the warmest I can recall in recent years. That is, unless the southern Idaho weather does what we all know it's capable of doing in the next few days.

Getting excited about an extended weather forecast in Idaho isn't something I normally allow myself to do. I've been burned too many times.

I can't recall the last time Easter weekend in Twin Falls had numbers predicted to hit near 80 degrees. If it stands, we could be in for a nice couple of days of warm weather to take an early spring trip somewhere, or perhaps get to work in the garden doing some planting.

The weather will begin warming by Thursday, according to data shared by The National Weather Service. The average temperature for the last four days of the week in expected to be 73 degrees, and Saturday's (April 3) high will be between 76 and 78.

The weather is perfect for an outdoor adventure I have planned to Bruneau Dunes State Park. I'd like to climb the park's tallest sand dune while the temperatures are still relatively cool, and then get some kayaking in. Following a warm, breezy weekend in the Magic Valley, the daytime highs for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will average the upper 40s, so we still have to wait a few days.

One thing is for sure, Easter Sunday will be a great day to get the kids outside for an egg hunt or other type of gathering.

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