If you hate winter weather, then this report won’t bother you at all. For those of us who love winter, this will be a bummer. The new weather alert from the National Weather Service lists a Winter Weather Advisory, starting tonight, for parts of Southern Idaho but Twin Falls is not part of it.

New Southern Idaho Winter Weather Advisory Issued

I feel that if it’s going to be cold and gloomy outside it may as well be snowing, but so far this winter Twin Falls has been getting only occasional snowfall. I’m grateful that we have snow on the ground right now, but the upcoming weather alert is something I wish would hit us in the Magic Valley. Oddly, the storm appears to be going out of its way to completely miss us.

Credit National Weather Service/Canva
Credit National Weather Service/Canva

Instead, the Southern Idaho winter weather advisory applies to the Pocatello and Idaho Falls areas. They can expect between 4 and 8 inches of snow between now and Saturday afternoon. For Twin Falls, we do have a smaller chance for snow through the weekend. A few flurries could happen before Saturday night, which is when we finally have a good chance for steady snow and accumulation. But even that should only be around 1 to 3 inches.

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What we will get in the Magic Valley are freezing temperatures. The lows on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are all in the single digits and the highs won’t get over 30 degrees again until Thursday of next week.

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