This is probably something many of you in southern Idaho won't care to hear, but more snow is likely coming early next week to the Magic Valley. It's time to stock back up on winter supplies.

Several inches of snow fell throughout southern Idaho this week as the region got leveled by the first round of significant winter weather of the new season. Area ski resorts had to close, heavy snow accumulations caused severe damage and power outages occurred in several counties in the state. Many people in Twin Falls took to social media and shared photos and captions that reminded us of the 2017 "Snow-Magedon."

I've spent the past several days running generators at all hours of the night, de-icing walkways, blowing fuses, shoveling snow out from around and inside the cab of my truck, praying for the storm system to pass through, and trying to keep my young son from losing his mind without the Internet. We got our wish Wednesday evening at about 10:45 P.M. when the lights came back on for the first time in nearly 72 hours.

More than 60 trees came down in my county between Monday and Tuesday, making teleworking, mail delivery, and other aspects of daily life impossible to pull off. In the Magic Valley, a brief snow break comes Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, before another storm system is expected to pass through on Tuesday. The strong possibility of snow will remain for Twin Falls for at least 72 hours following.

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I don't own a snowmobile, but after seeing this I want one!

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