I hate the way people write when they text! How did we come to this – “OMG its ur BFF c u later k? Lol”? That should not be a sentence! I take extra time with my texting to spell and punctuate. When it comes to typing on the computer though, I (like everybody else) do rely heavily on spell check. And that may be a problem in reality.

I have actually already use the spell and grammar check 4 times already in this story. According to a new survey, spell-check and auto-correct have left us unable to spell certain words.  65% of people didn't know how to spell "necessary", and 33% couldn't spell "definitely" or "separate".  Only 21% of people could spell all three words, or use the words "there" and "it's" correctly.

#1.)  Necessary:  65% of people got it wrong, by adding an extra 'c' or 'r' to the word.

#2.)  Definitely:  33% spelled it wrong, by using an 'a' in the middle or adding an extra 'f’.

#3.)  Separate:  33% had an 'e' in the middle or added a second 'p'.

#4.)  It's or its:  They didn't give a percentage, but most people didn't know which word completed this sentence:  "I'm afraid BLANK going to be a long season." (Get the answer below)

#5.)  There, their, or they're:  Only 21% of people knew which one completed this sentence:  "BLANK are no excuses."  (Get the answer below)

#6.)  Your, you’re:  It is not spelled UR. Complete this sentence “Is that BLANK car?” (Get the answer below)

#4 --The correct answer is "it's".

#5 --The correct answer is "There".

#6 --The correct answer is "your".

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