Like every human known to man, Idaho loves the most significant movie franchise of all time, Star Wars. I prefer the first three movies, but we're all fans of the Force, the Deathstar, and everyone's favorite villain, Darth Vader. Today is known as May the Fourth be with you Day in honor of the passionate devotion of Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Characters if they were Idaho Cities.

A fun look at your favorite Idaho cities and Star Wars characters. describes the history of today's tribute, beginning with the first reference in 1978. The movie franchise that has become such a dominant force in our culture almost didn't happen. As detailed by a few documentaries, the original movie was an afterthought, over budget, and came close to being canceled. The movie crew persevered due to the dedication of George Lucas and executive Alan Ladd.  

Ladd lost his job but warned Lucas that the film had to be completed or the studio would be pulling the plug. Despite low expectations, the American public loved the movie. Teens and adults would brag about how many times they've gone to the theaters to see the film. (Remember, this was the late 1970s, long before the internet, DVDs, VCRs, cable, and streaming.)  

In honor of May the Fourth be with You, we've decided to examine which Idaho cities resemble your favorite Idaho cities. Although the films have ended, the Star Wars franchise lives on in several streaming series on Disney Plus. The latest installment features Ewan McGregor as the popular Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting the Jedi Hunters while protecting a young Luke Skywalker.  

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