Twin Falls has awesome mural art downtown on the exterior walls of businesses. There’s an entire alley dedicated to random wall-painted artwork. But I was driving a different route than I normally take today and saw a new painting that is perfect for Star Wars fans.

Most Star Wars Fans Don’t Know About This Wall Mural In Downtown Twin Falls

The new Star Wars-themed wall mural is a piece of artwork you might miss if you don’t know where to look or come down the street from the wrong direction. There are actually 2 parts to this art, and the second piece is hidden.

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You can see the art on the wall of Five Fish Press. It’s between them and the Float Magic building. If you’re heading east on 2nd Ave S you won’t see it, but if you’re crossing the street on Hansen you can. Maybe you can check it out the next time you eat at the 2nd South Market or a float therapy session at Float Magic.

Awesome Twin Falls Star Wars Wall Mural

This new wall mural in Downtown Twin Falls is perfect for fans of Star Wars.

You Definitely Missed This Epic Star Wars Mural In Twin Falls

Had you noticed the Star Wars mural before? Do you know when it was finished? Or is it even finished?

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If you love wall art, not specifically Star Wars related, don’t forget to also check out the Downtown Art Alley behind Milner’s Gate. Both sides of the alley are lined with cool, weird, and creative paintings on the brick walls.

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