Boise police recovered what they say is approximately $1 Million worth of stolen property from a location on West Fairview Avenue on Wednesday.

Following leads and information obtained by the Boise Police Department, authorities detained a man allegedly involved in a theft case that wound up recovering approximately $1 million in gold, artwork, firearms and jewelry, according to information provided by

The male suspect detained for the alleged crime was transported to the Ada County Jail, according to A felony charge of grand theft in the matter, in which the stolen items were reportedly taken from relatives of the man, has been filed. A $500,000 bond has also been assigned in the case, as has a public defender for the individual accused.

According to, the alleged perpetrator was found to have approximately $300,000 in gold in his possession at the time police intervened. Boise police also recovered an additional $600,000 in stolen property a short time later. The theft was initially reported by those victimized in August of 2020, and Idaho police have been attempting to locate the whereabouts of the person they believed committed the act since.

A February 22 hearing date in the matter has been set, according to The maximum state penalty for committing grand theft (Sec 18-2407), a felony, includes fines of up to $10,000, and a jail term of no more than 10 years, according to information stated at

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