Data is a funny thing because you can take the parts you like, that apply to you, or that make you look better, and portray it as the full information. That happens a lot in politics and conversations with my oldest son. We post a lot of studies with infographics which show how great Idaho is and how terrible everyone else is. That doesn't mean every study says we are awesome, we just don't share the ones that portray us in a negative light. Rarely do you see a full, comprehensive rundown to see which state really is the best. But today that changes.

We have a lot of articles based on info from HomeSnacks and Nick Johnson is a writer there. He uses humor to make videos based on their findings about each state or region and the latest he breaks down, complete with a song, which state in the west is really best.

He uses a number of metrics and Idaho ranks really well in all of them. Based on crime rates, cost of living, stereotypes, taxes, populations, and it isn't until towards the end of the video that Idaho ends up in second place when Utah takes over the lead. But, that doesn't really matter because the area they beat us in is actually an area that we don't want to win. He ranks Utah as a place where more people are moving - we don't want that here.

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