COVID-19 Coronavirus

KOOL 96.5 is committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 news and information. Find the latest local coronavirus information, closures, store hour changes, and helpful links below.

CLICK HERE to see the a list of precautionary closures due to COVID-19 in the Twin Falls Area
CLICK HERE to Track COVID-19 Global Spread in Real-Time

Questions about COVID-19? Call the Idaho COVID-19 Hotline at
Para cualquier pregunta llame al (Spanish Hotline) 208-737-5365

Helpful links:
State of Idaho Coronavirus Website
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
World Health Organization
South Central Public Health
IRS – high deductible health plans can cover coronavirus costs

Soft Closure for Idaho Schools Extended
Idaho schools will remain on a "soft closure" for the remainder of the school year, but local districts may have the option to bring back students to the classroom depending on the status of social distancing directives are lifted because of the the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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