The Twin Falls School District has cancelled school for Friday August 21, 2020 due to poor air quality levels. Fire season has been especially bad for the air in Southern Idaho as a number of fires are spreading smoke across the area. Multiple fires started over the night Wednesday and another fire near the Utah border ignited Thursday. The smoke has caused the air quality index to skyrocket, reaching over 188 by the end of school Thursday. The school email to parents states 'Twin Falls School District policy on air quality for student activities (including physical education classes, recess, and athletics practices) restricts outdoor activities anytime the air quality index is over 150.' 

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Along with complicated situations in schools due to the required masks for COVID Protocol, holding classes at school isn't possible or safe right now. The current protocol level allows students to attend school while wearing masks. Each hour the students are allowed, in most cases, to step outside and take off their masks for a few minutes while social distancing. Sending students out in the poor air would force them to breath in the smoke.

Officials believe the poor air quality will continue through Friday, therefore the decision was made to cancel in school classes and activities.

The haze from the fires also made for an interesting sight when the sun rose on Thursday morning, looking like a dark red ball in the sky rather than the regular glowing yellow sun.

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