I think the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change a lot of the things we looked at as normal and find a new normal. There are a lot of people, myself included, who found out that they could work from home almost as easily as if they went into their office. Others found that you could hold work meetings without cramming a group of people together into a room. And maybe one of the biggest eye openers was that our kids could do school from home anytime, if needed. I think that means we can effectively say goodbye to the school snow day.

That's a pretty sad thought for me and probably many others. I grew up in Utah, but winters in Idaho are similar, and as a kid knowing it was going to snow and that we might get a snow day was a childhood joy. Now, there is a real chance that it could snow this winter like our 2017 Snowpocalypse, and our kids could still do schoolwork as if the roads were clear. Our kids really can do school anytime, unless the weather takes out access to internet or knocks out the power. The Twin Falls School District has, in their COVID Operational Protocol announcement, shown us that our kids can have a school day under nearly any economic or weather situation.

I might be wrong since I am only calling it as I see it. Do you think COVID has killed the snow day and are you OK with it?

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