Currently, the Twin Falls School District is in the yellow level of their Operation COVID Protocol. Though there have been a number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus at local schools, the district is confident that their precautions are keeping as many students safe as possible. Even with these precautions there have been a number of issues come to light since school started. One of the big issues has been the additional strain and time it takes our already over-worked teachers to plan and present classes to students in class and online.

In the yellow protocol level, classes are functioning as they normally would without a pandemic situation. But, there are some students taking classes from home which adds another aspect to the preparation teachers must do to provide proper education to all students. For that reason, the school district is asking parents to answer a few questions in a survey and provide their input or opinions about how to proceed with classes.

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Options for Monday classes in the Middle and High school grades include making it a full day at home for students to do four hours of classes online or to make Monday a half-day at school. Both situations would give teachers an additional few hours of free time to prepare lessons for the upcoming week. For Elementary aged kids there is the additional option to leave Monday as-is with release at 2pm.

To give your input you must fill out the survey by 5pm on Friday, September 18th .



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