Most of the time when you are bored and you keep hitting 'Next' on the YouTube suggestions list you will end up in the weird part of the internet where flashing lights, singing cats, hair and nail tutorials, and hobo fights reign. But, every once in a while you will come across a gem that was hidden so well in all the garbage that you wonder if you are still in reality or dreaming the coolest dream ever. The Great Brine Shrimp is one of those gems. Actually it isn't a gem - it is a freaking gold mine.

This movie was made in the 70's by a cinematic genius name Mike Cassidy. It was originally in three parts and aired on the California show Bob Wilkins' Saturday Night Creature Features. Normally these low budget (and low talent) movies are not worth mentioning, but this one is based in Salt Lake City. The whole thing is only about 20 minutes long and there is no human dialog. You'll hear some screaming and the constant chirp sound of the Great Brine Shrimp mixed with an actually pretty decent soundtrack.

Seriously though, the 70's were a weird decade. Props to Cassidy for his use of actual Utah locations and events. He even got in footage of Saltair when it burned down. The Salt Palace and Salt Lake Temple were nice additions, adding nostalgia and drama to the already intense plot. Luckily the movie ends on a happy note with homage to a familiar Utah hero coming to the rescue.

So, this holiday season you could watch Christmas movies with your family, or check out some of the movies filmed here in Idaho, but you definitely need to subject everyone you know to the Great Brine Shrimp.

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