Idaho history is full of tales of adventure, success, trials, and death. Some stories are inspirational and others recount how hard and lawless the land land could be. Idaho was home to one of the first female serial killers in the United States, Lyda Southard, who killed four of her husbands. One of the lesser-know inspirational stories of success comes from the life of Katherine Wilkins.

Katherine, also known as Kittie, made her fortune selling horses. I came across this story reading about horses with my daughter who is currently obsessed with them. There is a great video from the Idaho Experience which tells the tale of Kittie's rise to power with just a few gold coins and the long, wealthy coattails of her father. She isn't really a typical tale of coming from nothing and making it rich, but she did become the only female making a living  on horse trading at the time. Her family owned a cattle and horse ranch in the Bruneau Valley. She later ran the horse operations of the family business and thus got her title of The Horse Queen of Idaho.

Check out the video above for the full history on the inspirational life of the Horse Queen of Idaho.

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