There are a lot of cool looking houses in Twin Falls. It seems like the newer construction that has been happening has added new variety to the types of houses we are seeing and the older buildings in Twin Falls are all unique in their own way. But, do any of the houses in Twin Falls really stand out or make a memorable impression? A few of the houses on the canyon rim are pretty awesome, but I can only think of two houses around town that I'd call memorable. We call them the Potato House and the Plantation House in my family.

Memorable Twin Falls Houses

The Potato House is the big farm house out on Addison and 3300 E and the Plantation House is the red brick house with the white pillars on Falls Ave on the way out to the Shoshone Falls. When Christmas rolls around I'd call the Candy Cane House pretty memorable too. All around Idaho there are some pretty cool and interesting houses, including some castles and the giant Airbnb potato house.

House Beautiful says that the most famous house in Idaho is a mansion in Pocatello called the Standrod House. It was built in 1902 for a judge and his family. The house has 16 rooms and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. The Standrod House is at 648 N. Garfield Ave in Pocatello and is currently privately owned but for many years it was owned by the city and used as an event center and museum, according to the Visit Pocatello website.

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