Spreading information across the United States about Idaho potatoes is so important that a semi with a giant potato has been traveling around the country for years. The potato truck makes stops in cities and people can take pictures of the giant spud on the truck bed. The original traveling Idaho potato was retired a few years ago but its job is far from done. We wrote about this work in progress last September but now the massive russet is officially an Airbnb in Boise.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel, as they are calling it, has a grand opening today. To stay in the tater is $200 per night and comes with limited amenities. You'll get AC and heat, hot water, and a few essentials. What you won't get is TV, Wifi, or a kitchen. The group from the Big Idaho Potato Tour did a live video tour this morning of the inside, so if you can't make it up there soon, this video gives you an idea of what to expect.

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