This wouldn't be a house for a large or growing family, but for a single person or a newlywed couple looking to buy their first home, this house is adorable. I found the smallest house for sale right now in Twin Falls on and it isn't much bigger than a large camping trailer, but in that tiny space there is a lot of charm. The tiny house on 4th Avenue in Twin Falls is only 456 square feet with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. That's it, four small rooms in this quaint home and it is a far cry from the most expensive house for sale in Twin. It kind of reminds me of the first apartment I had when newlywed. Our place was 450 square feet and the kitchen was so small that we couldn't open the fridge and stove at the same time. Our bed was also too big for the bedroom and stuck out about a foot into the doorway.

Smallest House For Sale In Twin Falls

This tiny house for sale in Twin appears to allow better movement and use of space than my first apartment. It isn't as small as some of the mobile tiny homes that have become popular recently, but it is definitely tiny and the smallest house you can buy in Twin Falls right now. The price tag isn't quite as small as the sellers are asking $104,900.

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