Currently, the most expensive house for sale in Twin Falls is a beautiful Spanish inspired mansion near the Snake River Canyon. There are a few large houses near the canyon with obvious Spanish influences including one on the grade down to Centennial Park, that house is a favorite of my wife. This house is a different mansion, and in my opinion a better choice. The house for sale in the Canyon Gate area has extra Spanish flare, from the exterior color choice to the interior tiles, this house clearly has something special to offer. It also comes with a 'special' price tag at nearly $2 million. It is nice to see houses like this one in Twin Falls as so many houses have been built over the years that are identical, cookie cutter, or mirror image builds of nearby houses. To see something truly different is refreshing.

Super Spanish Style House In Twin Falls

I know there are some who don't like the stucco look on a house or prefer more of a brick or wood house, but I think most would agree that this house is beautiful or at least that it is a nice architectural addition to Twin Falls. The house can be found on presented by the Legends Real Estate Team, which seems like a fitting name for a place like this. The full listing has 50 pictures you can peruse on Realtor or Zillow.

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