When people think about Boise, they have to associate that with Idaho, right?  It turns out, Idaho is one of three states that have a Boise.

There are 3 places named Boise in the U.S., but Idaho has the most populated one.  In fact, one of the Boises is a ghost town now.

Places Where Boise Exists:

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Texas

Boise, Washington

WorldPopulationReview said Boise had a 2020 population of 229,993, making it the largest city in Idaho and the 98th largest city in the United States. Unlike other cities in America that have the same name, our Boise is growing at a rate of 0.23% annually and the population has increased by 11.83% since 2010.  This Boise is the one everyone thinks of when they hear the name.  City names like Franklin, Lincoln, and Greenville are found in more than thirty states and it's not usually crystal clear which one they belong to at first.  Boise cornered the market.  But we're not completely alone with the name.

The Texas State Historical Association says Boise, Texas is was a railroad town that existed on the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad lines in Oldham County in the northern part of the state, but Rock Island stopped running its rail cars through the Texas Panhandle in the 1980s and abandoned the Boise depot.  It seems that led to the demise of the town because it was no longer a central spot for farmers and ranchers, not to mention it didn't have a Boise State University or Boise Fry Company.  There was very little reason to carry on.

Boise, Washington is in King County, and it's so small there isn't much Census data available for it.  We know it exists because Mapquest has a dot, and it's located southwest of Seattle.

Road trip on!  Visiting the Boises and putting the pics on social media sounds like a fine time, as long as we take the comforts of home with us.  They don't have finger steaks, fry sauce, or the beloved ice cream potato.

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