Twin Falls never really fully shuts down. There may be quiet times during the night, but it is summer, and Twin Falls is in full bustle mode, That means the road ragers are also out in full force. Some people just drive angry all the time and the rest of us only have small bouts of road rage. So what is most likely to cause us to see red and get mad?

When looking for causes of road rage in Twin Falls it is easy to blame the lack of blinker use or people distracted by their phones, but the real issues might actually be less obvious.

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Every. Single. Light. We hate the traffic lights because they always turn red on us when we are in a hurry. We hate the business lights that flash and make us think the cops are behind us. And we especially hate the extra bright modified lights on other cars. Your lights look like the sun and are a danger to those around you. If you were half as bright as your low-beams you'd already know that.

Unnecessarily Loud Cars

I get that some cars are loud and it makes sense on a lot of them, but your stock Dodge Charger with glass packs isn't fooling anyone, and your 95 Honda Civic with the catalytic converter removed just sounds like a lawn mower or a small fishing boat. You are an embarrassment and we feel bad for you.

Other Road Ragers

Sometimes we are having a fine day and then some tool drives by in an aggressive way and our whole drive is suddenly ruined. Don't drive mad.


I don't understand pedestrians sometimes. What in your bipedal brain makes you think it's a good idea to walk in front of a moving car? At least go to a crosswalk to make your bad decisions.

Brake Checkers

My son has been driving for a few months so I asked him what bugs him when driving and he says it's the drivers who slam on the brakes for no reason.

Law Breakers

Another contribution from my son, and he's right. We all have those moments where we wish we were a police officer because we just saw some idiotic driver do something so illegal they deserve prison time and their license revoked.


This is a guaranteed way to make other drivers around you mad. If you don't know where you are going and you slow down at every intersection because you don't know where your turn is, you may be frustrated, but we are all mad at you.

Lane Jumpers

If you speed up to pass me and then pull up in my lane and slow down, you are a special type of evil. The same goes if you zip past me, get in my lane, stop at a light, and then take forever to move when it turns green. You are the worst.

Blue Lakes

Let's be honest: road rage isn't just caused by other people. There is a specific type of anger we all feel when driving on Blue Lakes. Maybe we are mad because we know something bad is going to happen so we are just pre-mad.

Blocking Intersections and Businesses

Don't get into that intersection if you aren't ready or willing to get out of it as fast as possible. Also, when you pull up to a business don't park in front of the doors. Even if it's 'just for a second' or 'to drop someone off'. You are blocking our way and we will get upset with you.


This doesn't even have anything to do with driving, but it still affects our mood when driving. Mostly I get mad because the tagger lacks skill and has no pride in their work. Graffiti can be cool but not the stuff on Blue Lakes.

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