Today is National Love Your Pet Day and nothing says you love your pets more that messing with them for your own enjoyment. Now, I haven't tried this out yet but the online people are saying that if you play this video of an autotuned cat that it will make your cat act weird.

First of all - that video made me act weird so I can only imagine what your cats will do! I wanted to test it out here at the radio station, because we usually have at least one cat waiting at the door for food or to sneak in, but no cats are around today. If I see one I'll play the video and see what happens - until then we are going to need your help testing out how other cats react to the autotuned cat. Maybe test it on a dog too, you know for science reasons.

If you don't currently have a cat to torture with your love - check out the adoptable cats and dogs at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

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