Idaho is a land of wilderness and I have to assume that there is a good portion of this state that has never been visited by humans. With all the backwoodsy areas, deep canyons, and rushing rivers there has to be sections that have yet to be discovered. I was watching a drone video of Box Canyon and wondered if anyone had ever been to the right of where the trail takes you. You can't head that way now and it's probably extremely unsafe to venture near the ponds right under the canyon wall...but before there were rules and common sense did anyone ever go over there?

There's another video that was recently posted on YouTube which actually looks like the type of remote area I'm talking about. It's another drone footage video and all you can see are towering trees as the drone descends into a small canyon. Then, out of nowhere, you see a cute little hot spring pool. But you can immediately tell that this 'remote hot spring' is not natural and probably not as remote as the video makes it look.

You can see that there are black hoses that have been installed to carry the water to the desired location and the rock wall containing the water pool is clearly constructed by someone (maybe Bigfoot) and not by nature.

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Does the video say where this remote hot spring is? Of course not. We've learned from previous videos that part of the allure is not knowing where we are looking at in the videos.

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