You have to check out this video! If you have ever driven anywhere you know what a joke it can be to try and merge in traffic. We don't even have bad traffic in Twin Falls and it still feels like an impossible mission to attempt to switch lanes unless you do so a mile before you really need to. Some will say 'you should merge ahead of time so this isn't an issue'. True - in a perfect world you know where you are going and what lane you need to be in way ahead of time all the time. But - this is real life and sometimes I'm getting directions from my wife or a 10 year old kid. There are no warnings or advanced directions. There is only 'Turn here!' when it is borderline too late. Then there are the times when you do try to get over in advance and turn on your blinker and all of the sudden the car next to you does all that they can to make sure you don't get over. You can't win.

I've always thought that it would be cool and funny sometimes to have a digital display on the back window of my car that I could input words to display. Of course I would only use it for emergency traffic the guy in this video. He didn't have a digital readout but his implementation is just as effective and way more entertaining.

That is so awesome! I love that he even has a 'Thanks' card in that stack. Brilliant job sir. I now wonder what the other cards are for since he clearly has a stack of prepared cards for different situations. I'm betting he has a card for telling someone they have a light out or a card for telling someone to go ahead of him.

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